Monday, November 10, 2008

Walking the dog

I was walking Moose, the dog, today. I'm not a pet person, how did this creature make his way into my life? (Oh, yeah, the daughter has a tender heart for all things that require cleaning up their poop.) Anyway, every walk for Moose is a grand exploration - he's the canine Lewis and Clark. But I noticed that when he sniffed something that he found especially interesting, he stiffened all four legs to avoid being pulled away from it and got so excited he just quivered all over.

So, that's my new barometer: what in my life causes a Moose-like reaction? Family (great husband and fabulous, creative, passionate kids), the chance to explore (cities, food, books, music, art) are at the top of the list....and we'll see what else gets added.....

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