Friday, April 24, 2009

What is enough?

So I was putting some thoughts together to share with a group at church (hurrah for the Wednesday nighters!) and kept coming back to something God has brought to the forefront of our time together. What is enough? How much is enough?

From Exodus and "Thou shalt not covet...." to Philippians and "I have learned the secret to being content." We, as mortals, are predisposed to covet. We're apt to latch on to some thing to fill that soul deep longing, pursuing it without regard to God's love for us, loving Him or loving other people. Add to that predisposition a culture in which the voice that reaches into every nook and cranny is that of advertisers whose very purpose in life is to cause us to be discontented with what we have (what God has given us - ouch!) and you have a potent mixture.

Paul says the secret of contentment is the strength of Christ. The strength of a love that gave all, conquered all, and is, in fact, the source of our longing. The beauty of that slays me. Maybe that's a good starting point.

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